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Tip List for FAMILY Holiday in Bali

Bali is a perfect place for those who are on holiday with children. Bring all your family to explore the island. You all will love the natural surroundings, and it is definitely easy to find a baby sitter or somebody to take care of your kids.

family trip

Kids club are available in major hotels. Many hotels offer family room with children discounts policy which is good optional for family term.

Bali villa is also a good alternative for accommodation, which is now, becomes holiday trend in Bali. Mostly one villa consists of more than one bedroom that caters for family.

Range of attractions that are friendly for children can be also easily found in Bali.

Children's attractions in Bali vary from surf, sand and beach activities; cultural activities such as dancing, temple visits, and traditional Balinese life style experiences; adventure activities such as rafting, cycling, horse ride, dolphin/turtle tour elephant rides; and theme parks such as Bali Bird Park, WaterBom Park, Bali Butterfly Park, etc.

Travelling with the family can be hassle - free and loaded with fun. There is no reason you shouldn't bring the kids and the entire family with you. Here are a few tips you can use for an easy, stress - free travel.

  • Plan with the entire family. Get each family member's opinion on which places to go. Kids love it when they get involved. Make a short list of the places they want to visit and get the majority's preference. Plan simple yet fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Distribute tasks. Help each other especially when packing. Give each one a responsibility. You can have your kids check on the first- aid kit, your husband to bring all bulky equipments and you take charge preparing the food. This way, your load can be lessened and everyone would feel the importance of each one's contribution.
  • Travel light. Since most of the space of your car would be for people, pack only the essential things you need. If possible you can hire strollers for the kids instead of carrying one. Transfer shampoos, mouthwash and the like in small plastic containers instead of bringing the entire thing. Remember that travelling light doesn't mean travelling incomplete. Carry all important stuff you need to bring.
  • Secure your house. Since all of your family members are with you on the trip, you can opt to hire a house sitter. If not, have a neighbor look out for the house for you. Unplug all electrical appliances and be sure to secure all door and windows.
  • Be safe. Always carry with you a medicine kit for emergencies. This should include aspirins, laxative, insect repellant, bandages, ointments and alcohol. More importantly, bring enough prescription drugs if any of the family members is on medication. Bring enough to last for the entire duration of the trip.
  • Bring in the fun. Take pictures and videos to document your trip. Take turns in using the camera, this way everyone will get a memorable shot taken. You can take the pictures and put them in a nice travel journal when you get home. This way you can enjoy the fun memories as often as you want.

Remember that the entire objective of a family trip is to have fun. Follow the quick tips above and you can head your way to an enjoyable travel in Bali.

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Tip List of HONEYMOON Vacation in Bali

Bali is the paradise for honeymooner that many couple wishes to spend such a special occasion on the island. It's mesmerized various views such as; beaches, mountain, rice field, and romantic place to stay like: Bali hotel, resort, and villa. Bali private villa shall enable you to get a perfect honeymoon, no disturbance, no noisy sound, truly serenity, just sound of nature. Fresh atmosphere will refresh your mind & body.


Bali rich culture would contribute to make your honeymoon the unforgettable one; you'll find something that is unique, beautiful, memorable and fun, the experience of a lifetime, which cannot be gained at other places.

Bali is a tiny island but has so much wonderful things to offer. Many travel agents / tour operator provide worldwide choice of honeymoon ideas.


Here are some tips to get comfortable honeymoon in Bali :

  • Schedule your departure day two days after the wedding to give you ample time for rest after the activities and the celebrations. If you must travel immediately, remember to leave in the middle of the day and not the early morning so you'll get a good night's sleep.
  • Ask your travel agent for Honeymoon Packages, these usually offer the best destinations for honeymooners, not to mention discounts and freebies.
  • Never, ever overbook day trips, you're not just travelling, you're with your new spouse, better save up some energy for the night's fireworks.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, ask about certain perks, events.
  • In addition to the above, don't be afraid to request extra stuff, like a big bathtub, a double bed, or a romantic view.
  • Don't forget to bring your marriage certificate along with you, especially if the name of the bride is already under her husband's name.
  • Pack your camera and lots of film; you won't want to miss anything. You might also want to pack a disposable underwater camera and extra batteries, these are absurdly pricey in tourist spots, and you wouldn't want to overspend.
  • Mention to anyone, especially in the cafĂ© or in the tour boat, that you're on your honeymoon, yes this may sound a bit embarrassing, but some restaurants give extras like free drinks or gifts for honeymooners. This also works for birthday celebrants.
  • If you want an active honeymoon, research and prepare for water sports; the tropics are a great place, to learn them, always remember to consult hubby before you try one though.
  • Stock up on sun protection. The higher the SPF the better, as you'll probably be spending whole days out in the sun; you wouldn't want to get skin cancer after just two weeks of marriage.
  • Some travel agencies include island-hopping trips, these are great ways to explore, and enjoy. This is especially good because you'll get a change in scenery, and won't easily get bored, especially if you have an extended honeymoon.
  • Even if your valuables are inside your hotel room, keep them under lock, and if you decide to bring them with you, always watch out for stray pickpockets.
  • Bring with you a stock of candles and massage oils that you can place inside your hotel room for that romantic evening after touring and swimming.

Remember that the entire objective of a honeymoon vacation is to have an unforgettable romance. Follow the quick tips above and you can head your way to a memorable honeymoon in Bali.

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Visiting Indonesia without Any Visa

The government of Indonesia has changed its visa policy for foreign tourists effective February 1st. 2004.Entering Indonesia without any visa is possible now only for nationals of the following 11 countries and territories: Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Citizens of the above countries will be issued on arrival a stay permit for 30 days free of charge upon presentation of a passport which is valid at least for another 6 months. This stay permit cannot be extended or converted into another type of visa.

visa on arrival


This facility is now available for nationals of the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Libya, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Panama, People's Republic of China, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Suriname, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Citizens of these countries will be able to apply for a VoA valid for either 7 or 30 days upon arrival by air in Bali, Jakarta and a few other international airports or by ship at a limited number of Indonesian sea ports. A 7-day visa costs US$10 and a 30-day visa costs US$25.

The VoA cannot be extended or converted into any other kind of visa. Also be aware that Immigration officials calculate the 30-day period as follows: your arrival day is counted as your first day, and you must leave the country on the 30th day!

How to Obtain the "VISA on ARRIVAL" (VoA)

Travelers from the above countries must be in possession of a passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival and the completed embarkation/disembarkation card they received from their airline. They must also be able to prove they have sufficient funds for their stay in Indonesia.

Arriving travelers with Visa-On-Arrival status have to go first to one of the 'VoA Counters' to pay the appropriate fee and have their passports stamped with the VoA before proceeding to the Immigration Clearance Desk. An official bank is part of the VoA service counters. Payment of visa fees can be made in all major currencies or by VISA or MASTERCARD.

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Recommended Area to Stay in Bali

NUSA DUA, Tanjung Benoa

nusa dua bali

Bali's southern peninsula is where you find today most of the island's international 4 and 5-star Bali Hotels and Resorts - set in Nusa Dua's manicured and not very Balinese garden environment. Nice beach with shallow water, no high waves. All kinds of water sports, 18-hole golf course. Nusa Dua Galleria center with a variety of rather expensive restaurants, shops, and department stores. Some more reasonably priced restaurants are located in adjacent Tanjung Benoa and Bualu village. No night life to speak of. ... continue to read

jimbaran bali

Probably Bali's best beach with decent hotels and accommodation: nearly white sand, waves not too high for swimming, wind surfing, and sailing (no motorized water sports activities); not too many tourists, and no beach vendors (yet). A few up-market hotels and resorts, and a fast increasing number of unpretentious but good seafood restaurants right on the water front. Highly recommended for watching Bali's famous sunsets. Located just a few miles south of the airport. ... continue to read


tuban kuta

An increasingly busy area with many hotels and resorts of all categories right on or near the beach (powerful waves, strong currents). Many restaurants and shops along the main road. Located between Kuta and Bali's international airport. ... continue to read

Crowded beach (many vendors, masseuses, beach boys, etc, high waves, strong currents) lined by numerous hotels and resorts, mostly in the 2- to 4-star categories. In early 2000 the beach road from the Hard Rock Resort to the Kumala Pantai Hotel has been extended to the "DOUBLE SIX" disco, and many hotels such as the Legian Beach, Bali Padma, Jayakarta Hotel, Bali Niksoma and others have lost their direct beach access and a large part of their garden. ... continue to read


party seminyak

Until recently this used to be a rather rural, mostly residential area, stretching a few miles north from Legian. Good, off-white, sandy beach with powerful waves and some strong currents, and getting less crowded the further you move to the North. Fast increasing number of hotels and villas, good but reasonably priced restaurants and Bali's most interesting pubs and discos as well as shops selling casual wear, furniture, antiques, decorative items and handicrafts. ... continue to read

This is where you'd find 25 years ago all of Bali's international standard hotels although the beach was never outstanding. Today the beach has further deteriorated, and Sanur has become rather quiet compared to Kuta and Nusa Dua but is still popular with old-time visitors and some foreign residents. ... continue to read

UBUD and Surroundings

rice field

The town of Ubud is to Bali what Jogyakarta is to Java - culturally speaking. Ubud is where most accomplished painters, dancers, musicians, carvers and weavers live and work, and there are a number of very good museums and art galleries. Because of its location at the base of the mountains (about 19 miles or 30 kilometers north of Denpasar) temperatures are slightly lower than in the lowlands and year-round rain showers help to grow lush tropical vegetation. ... continue to read

These two tourist centers in the East and North of Bali have become popular meeting places for all those visitors wanting to get away from the tourists. Both offer a number of often quite simple but adequate hotels and restaurants.

Beaches around Candidasa, however, have kind of disappeared during the last decade after most coral reefs in the area were destroyed, and many visitors do not like the black sand covering most beaches in the North of Bali. ... continue to read

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tourist information

Integrated Tourism

Information Center (ITIC) - A one-stop tourist information complex of ten provinces in Indonesia comprising Bali, Lampung, Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Jogjakarta.

  • Jl. Raya Kuta 2, Kuta, 80361
  • Tel: (0361) 766188

Ngurah Rai International Airport

  • Tel: (0361) 751011

Badung Government Tourism Office

  • Jl. Kuta Raya 2, Kuta
  • Tel: (0361) 756175/76

Bali Government Tourism Office

  • Jl. Supratman, Niti Mandala, Renon, Denpasar
  • Tel: (0361) 222387

Singaraja Tourist Information Office

  • Jl. Veteran 23, Singaraja
  • Tel: (0362) 25141

Ubud Tourist Information Service

  • Jl. Raya Ubud, Gianyar
  • Tel: (0361) 96285, 973285; 8 am - 9 pm

Bali Anjani Vacations

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boeing 767


  • Arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure.
  • Airport tax : Rp. 150,000 for International departure and Rp 30.000 for Domestic departure.
  • Residents pay an additional Rp. 2.5 million Fiscal tax for international departures, whereas holders of official tax registration (NPWP) numbers are Fiscal tax-exempt.


Ngurah Rai International Airport

  • Tel : (0361) 751011, ext 0 for Operator

Cathay Pacific Airways

  • Wisthi Sabha Building, 2nd Floor, Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • Call Centre: 0804-1-888888

Continental Micronesia

  • Tel: (0361) 768-358, Fax: 768-369

Royal Brunei

  • Tel: (0361) 757-292

Singapore Airlines

  • Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Airport
  • Tel: (0361) 768-388, Fax: 768-383

Garuda Indonesia

  • Jl. Jalan Sugianyar 5 Denpasar
  • Tel. (0361) 227-824, Fax: 226-298
  • 24-hour access: 08071-807-807


  • Jl. Melati No. 51 Denpasar
  • Tel: (0361) 235-358
  • Airport Tel: (0361) 751-011, ext. 5240/5242
  • Hotline: Tel: (0361) 722-740, 722-741

Mandala Airlines

  • Komp. Plaza Kertawijaya, Jl. Diponogoro No. 98, Denpasar
  • Reservation Call center 08041234567

Thai International

  • Grand Bali Beach Sanur
  • Tel: (0361) 288-141

Qatar Airways

  • Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, South Kuta Beach
  • Tel: (0361) 752-222; Fax: 753-788
  • Airport Tel: (0361) 760-274 / Fax: 760-275

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Foreign Consulates and Representatives

Here is the list of Foreign Consulates and Representatives in Bali.

australia flagAustralian Consulate

  • http://www.dfat.gov.au/bali
  • Office : Jalan Tantular, No. 32, Renon, Denpasar
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday 08am - 04pm
  • Phone : 0361.241118 / Fax : 0361 221195, 0361.241120
  • Email : bali.congen@drat.gov.au

austria flagAustria

  • Office : C/O Swiss Restaurant, Jl. Werkudara, Legian Kaja
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am – 04pm
  • Phone : 0361.751735 / Fax : 0361.754457
  • Email : swisscon@denpasar.wasantara.net.id

brazil flagBrazil

  • Office : Jl Raya Legian No.186, Kuta 80361
  • Office hours : Monday to Friday 10.00am-6pm
  • Phone : 0361.757 775 / Fax: 0361.751 005
  • Emergency : 081344928
  • Email : brazilconsul@bali.net

britain flagBritish

  • Office : JI. Tirta Nadi No. 20. Sanur, Denpasar
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am – 12.30am
  • Phone : 0361.270601 / Fax : 0361.270601
  • Email : bcbali@dps.centrin.net.id

canada flagCanada

  • http://www.dfat.gov.au/bali
  • Office : Jalan Tantular, No. 32, Renon, Denpasar
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday 08am - 04pm
  • Phone : 0361.241118 / Fax : 0361 221195, 0361.241120
  • Email : bali.congen@drat.gov.au

czeh republic flagThe Chezh Republic

  • Office : Jl. Pengembak 17 Sanur
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09.am – 02pm
  • Phone : 0361.286465 / Fax : 0361.286408
  • Email : bali@honorary.mzv.cz

denmark flagRoyal Danish

  • Office : C/O Mimpi Resort Hotel Jimbaran, Kawasan Bukit Permai Jimbaran
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am - 02pm
  • Phone : 0361.701070 Ext. 32 / Fax : 0361. 701073
  • Email : mimpi@mimpi.com

finland flagFinland

  • Office : Jl. Segara Ayu, Sanur
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am – 04pm
  • Phone : 0361.288407 / Fax : 0361.287242
  • Email : sweconsul@yahoo.com

france flagFrench

  • Office : Jl. Mertasari Gang II No.8 Denpasar
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 02pm – 05pm
  • Phone : 0361.285485 / Fax : 0361.286406
  • Email : consul@denpasar.centrin.net.id

germany flagGermany

  • Office : Jl. Pantai Karang 17 Sanur, P.O. Box 3100 Denpasar 80228, Bali, Indonesia
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 08am – 12am
  • Phone : 0361.288535 / Fax : 0361.288826
  • Email : dtkonsbali@denpasar.wasantara.net.id

hungary flagHungary

  • Office : Jl. Baypass Ngurah Rai, no. 219 Sanur
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 08am – 12am
  • Phone : 0361.287701 / Fax : 0361.735232
  • Email : huconbali@telkom.net

italy flagItaly

  • http://www.italconsbali.org
  • Office : C/O Lotus Enterprise Building, Jl. By pass Ngurah Rai Jimbaran
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 10am – 01pm
  • Phone : 0361.701005 / Fax : 0361.701005
  • Email : italconsbali@italconsbali.com

japan flagJapan

  • Office : Jl. Raya Puputan No. 170 Renon, Denpasar
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am – 04pm
  • Phone : 0361.227628 / Fax : 0361.265066
  • Email : konjpdps@indo.net.id

malaysia flagMalaysia

  • Office : C/O Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort, Jl Pantai Kuta, Legian Bali 80030
  • Phone : 0361.752520 / Fax : 0361.752 519
  • Email: feisol@attglboal.net

mexico flagMexico

  • Office : Puri Astina Putra Building, Jl. Moh. Yamin 1 A, Renon Denpasar
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am – 04pm
  • Phone : 0361.223266 / Fax : 0361.244568
  • Email : astina@denpasar.wasantara.net.id

netherland flagNetherland

  • Office : Jl. Raya Kuta 127 Kuta 80361, P.O. Box 3337 Denpasar 81001
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 08am – 04pm
  • Phone : 0361.761506 / Fax : 0361. 752777, 0361.757586
  • Email : dutchconsulate@kcbtours.com

new zealand flagNew Zealand

  • http://www.dfat.gov.au/bali
  • Office : Jalan Tantular, No. 32, Renon, Denpasar
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday 08am - 04pm
  • Phone : 0361.241118 / Fax : 0361 221195, 0361.241120
  • Email : bali.congen@drat.gov.au

norway flagNorway

  • Office : C/O Mimpi Resort Hotel Jimbaran, Kawasan Bukit Permai Jimbaran
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am - 02pm
  • Phone : 0361.701070 Ext. 32 / Fax : 0361. 701073
  • Email : mimpi@mimpi.com

slovakia flagSlovakia

  • Office : Jl. Gunung Agung 93, Denpasar
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am – 02pm
  • Phone : 0361. 426171 / Fax : 0361.426477
  • Email : konsulslowakbali@yahoo.com

spain flagSpain

  • Office : Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Br. Lungsiakan Kedewatan – Ubud
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am – 04pm
  • Phone : 0361. 975736 / Fax : 0361.975726
  • Email : rabik@indo.net.id

sweden flagSweden

  • Office : Jl. Segara Ayu, Sanur
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am – 04pm
  • Phone : 0361.288407 / Fax : 0361.287242
  • Email : sweconsul@yahoo.com

switzerland flagSwitzerland

  • Office : C/O Swiss Restaurant, Jl. Werkudara, Legian Kaja
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 09am – 04pm
  • Phone : 0361.751735 / Fax : 0361.754457
  • Email : swisscon@denpasar.wasantara.net.id

thailand flagThailand

  • Office : Jl Puputan Raya No. 81, Renon Denpasar 80235
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm
  • Phone : 0361. 263310 / Fax ; 0361.238044
  • Email : RTC_bali@thaimail.com

american flagUSA

  • Office : Jl. Hayam Wuruk 188 Denpasar 80235
  • Office Hours : Monday to Friday 08am – 4pm
  • Phone : 0361.233605 / Fax : 0361.265 066
  • Email : amcobali@indosat.net.id

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Enjoy your holiday in Bali and make it smooth and enjoyably.


  • Reconfirm your outbound flight.
  • Drink a lot of bottled water as you may dehydrated easily.
  • Leave your important documents in your hotel safe and wandering around with the copies.
  • Shop around when intending to change money as the rate may vary, check if the commission is added or not.
  • Show your respect by wearing sarong when entering temple.
  • Change money at a reputable looking location, use your own (or the hotel's) calculator before changing!
  • Put on loads of High Factor Waterproof Sun Cream (especially if you intend to spend a lot of time in the water).
  • Be careful with your belongings at all times. Crime is on the increase and can ruin your holiday. Cases of handbag snatching have been reported, so leave important documents in your hotel safe and wear your bag across your shoulders!
  • Try not to step on offerings in the street (walk around them).
  • Respect the slow pace of processions when stuck behind one, for instance, don't honk!
  • Haggle when buying (except on price-tagged goods).


  • Stepping on offerings in the street.
  • Honking if a caught behind the slow pace of processions.
  • Attempt to swim outside designated areas on the beach.
  • Deal in or do drugs. The death penalty is await.
  • Touch people's heads even children, as it considers offensive.
  • Enter temple during menstruation.
  • Use your left hand in sacking or handing over something to someone as it is consider impolite. If there is no other option then express your apology.
  • Forget to take your passport (or a photocopy of your ID)
  • Swim outside designated swimming areas on the beach, currents can be very strong. Swim between the red and yellow flags.
  • Worry too much about the ice - it's government-quality controlled in established bars and restaurants.
  • Forget to look and listen while you cross the road. Cars may stop, motorbikes may not!

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